Fortifying Health with Oily Blend!

Fortifying Health with Oily Blend!

For appropriate growth and development, a diet rich in key micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are required. Only a few micrograms to milligrams per day are required for these critical micronutrients. Deficits in critical micronutrients can have major health repercussions More commonly seen deficiencies of essential nutrients include Vitamin A & D. 

Oil fortification has become a necessity as it addresses the shortage of adequate nutrition in the Indian population through easier means. Fortification will help vulnerable people to overcome health concerns associated with Vitamin A & D deficiencies.

Recently FSSAI has taken major steps to fortify staple food and create awareness on the facts and benefits of Fortification in India. Yet in a population expansive country like India the thrust for fortification needs continuation.

 Availability of Edible Oil in Market Today

 The primary objective under those initiatives has been advocacy activities to create awareness about new fortification standards and facilitated the food industry to adopt Food Fortification norms.

Edible Oil: The precursor to any dish!

Oil Fortification with Vitamin A & D

Edible oil is almost everyday used in every household in India in a relatively low quantity, making it an integral part of the diet. 

The per capita consumption of edible oil is around 19-19.80 kg per person per annum over the last five years in India. Because of its extensive applications for domestic and commercial use, it is a preferred food vehicle for fat soluble Vitamins like Vitamin A & D.

Vitamin AD2 Oily Blend:

Vitamin A and D are oil soluble vitamins in their natural state and are readily miscible with other oils and fats. In most cases, edible oil is fortified right before it is packaged. The processed oil and Vitamin Premix is mixed and churned to ensure uniform blending. 

Oil Fortification with Vitamin A & D

 Snacks cooked in Edible Oil
Nutrient Minimum level of Nutrient Source of Nutrient
Vitamin A 20 to 33 IU (6 to 9.9 µg RE) per gm of Oil Retinyl Palmitate or Retinyl Acetate
Vitamin D 4.4 to 6.4 IU (0.11 to 0.16 µg) per gm of Oil Cholecalciferol* or Ergocalciferol* (only from plant source)

Note: Vitamin A: 1 IU- 0.3 µg RE and Vitamin D: 1 IU- 0.025 µg

As the health awareness continues to grow & drive health-conscious decisions in everyday lifestyle, fortified oil could play paramount role in fortifying everyday health.

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