Our Partners

Fermenta’s global partnerships and alliances help us deliver world class ingredients in a sustainable manner.

Atacama Bio Natural Products S. A.

Atacama Bio Natural Products S.A. is a private biotechnology corporation based in Chile that cultures Haematococcus pluvialis to extract NAXA verified Astaxanthin, the most potent antioxidant for healthy ingredients and supplements. The company's name comes after the surrounding Atacama Desert, world-famous as an astronomer's paradise because of its pristine atmosphere. Along with the highest solar irradiance in the world and access to pure underground water from the Andes Mountains, these privileged conditions translate into a cost-efficient, sustainable, and closer-to-natural growth of Haematoccocus pluvialis, producing astaxanthin as nature intended.


Fermenta is the exclusive distributor of Atacama Bio Natural Product’s NatAxtin® product range for the Indian subcontinent.