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Quality Management

Fermenta Biotech Limited follows good manufacturing practices that ensure consistent high quality results. Our analytical facilities monitor and maintain a strict quality of our products, processes and services, consistently meeting Ph.Eur, USP, IP and other national and international quality standards.

Fermenta’s quality management covers three key functional areas:

  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory Affairs
Quality Control

Quality Control is responsible for all analyses. From analytical support to validations, QC is supported by a qualified team of professionals.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is responsible for implementation of quality systems and release of all manufactured products. It develops and ensures harmonisation of all systems . It is also responsible for all audits including regulatory (national and international), customer and GMP.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs ensures compliance with national and international regulatory requirements.

Quality Policy

Quality of our product is as much as it is perceived and appreciated by our customer.

Our quality objectives are:

  • Driving the business from customer needs
  • Commitment to comply with all regulatory requirements
  • Setting a clear vision which is deployed down into coordinated action
  • Using contribution of every person to the maximum
  • Partnering with customers and suppliers (both internal and external)
  • Developing workers to manage and managers to lead
  • Becoming fast learners who are responsive to market opportunities
  • Commitment of senior management to provide enough resources towards quality and maintaining the statutory & regulatory requirements.
Accreditations and Approvals

Both the manufacturing units are registered with US FDA “Food Facility Registration Module (FFRM)”

Following is the list of regulatory filings and dossiers:

Sr.No. Name of Product Country of Submission
1 Cholecalciferol EDQM CEP # R1-CEP 2007-292-Rev 02 (Mandi- Himachal Pradesh Site)
EDQM CEP # R1-CEP 2016-266-Rev 00 (Dahej- Gujarat Site)
Health Canada (DMF # 2011-131)
2 Cholecalciferol Concentrate (oily form) 1,000,000 IU/g, with all-rac-α-tocopherol in Trigylcerides EDQM CEP # R0-CEP 2021-089 - Rev 00 (Mandi Himachal Pradesh Site)
3 Vitamin D3 1.0 MIU in Soybean Oil Health Canada (DMF # 2015-205)
4 Vitamin D2 1.0 MIU in Soybean Oil Health Canada (DMF # 2016-020)
5 Vitamin D3 Resin 4.0 MIU in Soybean Oil Animal Feed Division - Canada
Environmental Solution provided by Fermenta Biotech

Environment, Health & Safety

Fermenta Biotech Limited (FBL) is committed to environmental protection, employee health and safety, compliance with legal requirements and other obligations, pollution prevention, efficient use of energy, water and other natural resources, and reducing the environmental impact of our products and supply chain.

We believe environmental sustainability is our responsibility. We are committed to operating responsibly, and we seek to reduce adverse environmental impacts from our operations. To manage our environmental risks, we pursue a path of continuous improvement – investigating, assessing,understanding, and improving our environmental impact.

FBL is committed to contributing to the protection of the Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S) by:
  • Integrating Environmental, Health, Process Safety, Sustainability, and occupational safety aspects into overall business planning, strategy, and supply chain management
  • Striving for the prevention of environmental pollution, accident/incidents & illness by providing, maintaining, and upgrading facilities, operations, and working conditions such that they are safe for all employees and other stakeholders and ensuring that EHS&S is a core value of the organization
  • Developing and utilizing environmentally acceptable, safe, sustainable, and efficient production methods and processes. Striving to continually lessen the environmental impact of, and improve the performance of our products
  • Implementing efficient use of energy (targeted decrease in energy consumption by 10% by 2025), reducing greenhouse gas emissions (targeted decrease in greenhouse consumption by 10% by 2025), and supporting climate change initiatives. Reducing the use of chemicals and raw materials, as well as waste generation
  • Conserving energy (targeted decrease in energy consumption by 10% by 2025), water (targeted decrease in water consumption by 15% by 2025), and other natural resources in our operations and facilities
  • Complying with relevant Environmental, Safety & Health legislation and regulations
  • Identifying risk-based safety & health hazards/ risk assessment and implementation of necessary control measures
  • Encouraging & adopting best practices in Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability through continual improvements and in a socially responsible manner to minimize the impact on EHS&S and ensure the robustness of our business activities
  • Providing necessary information & training, motivate & enhancing awareness, skill, and competence of employees, contractual workmen, and others to conduct operations effectively & accept individual responsibility for health and safety at the workplace and for the protection of our environment
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contract workmen, visitors, and other stakeholders by eliminating hazards and reducing occupational health and safety risks to prevent work related injury and ill-health
  • Reducing EHS risks by minimizing environmental impact as well as eliminating health and safety hazards
  • Providing leadership and commitment to environmental, health, safety & sustainability improvement through management interaction, consultation, and working closely with all key stakeholders (both internal & external) with regards to EHS&S performance, and progress
  • This policy is applicable to all employees, customers, suppliers, visitors & all stakeholders and its expectations shall be communicated to all of the above
Environmental Monitoring Data - Kullu

Fermenta Biotech Limited endeavours to take conscious steps towards the protection of the environment. To enhance the environmental performance FBL has setup an in-house environmental lab for air & effluent monitoring. FBL takes extreme care to comply with the statutory requirements before discharging polluting parameters to the environment.

June 2022
Parameters Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
PM10 in µg/ 62.00
SO2 in µg/ 6.50
NO2 in µg/ 11.80
NH3 in µg/ 48.00
Parameters Treated Effluent Quality Analysis
pH 7.38
SS in mg/lit 16.00
COD in mg/lit 52.00
BOD in mg/lit 8.20
Dissolved Phosphate in mg/lit 0.60
O&G in mg/lit 0.40

Environmental Monitoring Data - Dahej

Fermenta Biotech Limited is very conscious for the protection of the environment. To enhance the environmental performance Fermenta Biotech Limited has setup in house environmental lab for air & effluent monitoring. Fermenta Biotech Ltd takes extreme care to comply the statutory requirements before discharging polluting parameters to the environment. Please find herewith the weekly report of treated effluent and ambient air monitoring.

July 2022
Parameters Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
PM10 in µg/ 69.35
SO2 in µg/ 13.56
NO2 in µg/ 15.47
NH3 in µg/ 6.31
Parameters Treated Effluent Quality Analysis
pH 7.59
SS in mg/lit 52.00
COD in mg/lit 84.72
BOD in mg/lit 24.21
Phosphate in mg/lit Not analyzed as not in consent
O&G in mg/lit 0.40

Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering and enriching communities

Fermenta intends to adopt CSR as a strategic tool for sustainable growth of the company, its’ stakeholders and society at large. To quote its CSR policy, “Fermenta seeks to be a good corporate citizen in everything that it does.”

CSR Activities
A. E-learning resources

Remote locations such as the areas near Fermenta’s facilities are in dire requirement of learning resources due to their limited accessibility. Hence, Fermenta contributed towards an e-learning initiative in implementation in schools at Lakhigram, Vagra, Bharuch and commenced a similar project in Kullu. We partnered with Connexus for efficient execution of project.

Schools have used the e-learning resources for 2 hours/ day, for teaching multiple subjects to primary and secondary school students. We have ensured sustainability by contributing towards trouble-shooting and repairs, and provided teacher training for usage of resources.

B. Empowering local communities and rural development

Our employees at the facilities hail from nearby localities, and hence our ties with the local communities are inherently very strong. Therefore all our activities have extensive involvement of the on-site human resources team, who routinely visit the schools to whom the organization contributes to. Further, the site heads ensure through their routine address that all employees are made aware of the activities carried out.

  • Aiding special children: Computers donated for visually impaired school, Kullu and at Sahayog School for Special children, Nagchala for promoting education for differently abled children
  • Local communities at Kullu: Contributed towards solar lights for environmental sustainability, donated sweaters and school bags for schools as well as furniture and water cooler
  • Local communities at Dahej: Contributed a generator for local hall at Bharuch and towards Bharuch Traffic Education Trust
C. Association with the National Association for the Blind (NAB)

Fermenta has partnered with NAB by contributing towards keratoplasty surgeries (corneal transplants), educational Braille kits and squint correction surgeries (data suggests that squints are one of the main cause behind non-marriage of girls in the rural areas), grant for diploma in Special Education and establishment of the NAB-DVK Music Academy in memory of Late Shri Datla Vasant Kumar.

D. Road Safety Initiative

The road safety awareness campaign is an initiative to increase public awareness on road/pedestrian safety. It was successfully carried out in association with the Kardhar community, where safety vests were distributed to Kardhar heads and Police Mitra, with the support of the Kullu team. Further, the MargDarshak App, a holistic pedestrian safety solution, was also launched.

Fermenta’s stall at the Kullu Dussehra event conducted various activities for awareness such as quizzes on road safety, pledge boards for visitors to sign and demonstration of MargDarshak App’s usage to locals.


E. Contribution for armed forces veterans

Fermenta has donated wheelchairs for rehabilitation of personnel of the Armed Forces who are medically boarded out i.e., retired from service due to spinal cord injuries while serving the nation. This activity was carried out at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Pune.

F. Tripartite MoU for pediatric cardiac surgeries

Fermenta signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Jupiter Hospital and Rotary Club of Thane, Premium for contributing towards pediatric cardiac surgeries for patients belonging to underprivileged and financially weak backgrounds.

G. Nurture Nature – A joint initiative of SGNP and Fermenta

Fermenta has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Mumbai with the objective of ensuring environmental sustainability, protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare, conservation of natural resources and other related activities.

H. Help Protect Our Protectors

Fermenta has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Mumbai with the objective of ensuring environmental sustainability, protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare, conservation of natural resources and other related activities.Our police force is at the heart of the humanitarian efforts to fight COVID-19, and we salute our brave warriors for their untiring dedication. As a small way of thanking Maharashtra Police for their relentless efforts to protect us everyday, Fermenta launched a joint CSR initiative with Indchemie Health Specialities Pvt. Ltd. – Help Protect Our Protectors. Through this initiative, 250,000 Maharashtra Police personnel were supplied with Vitamin D, in order to support their immunity and health.

To know more on the activity, click here.

What sets us apart:

Inclusive: Diversified and expanded to include more stakeholders, communities and institutions pan-India

Integrative: Fermenta’s internal events are integrated with its social partners to instill a sense of awareness in the culture and engage employees with its CSR activities

Accountable: To ensure transparency, data is collected on all activities and number of individuals reached out to

Sustainable: Fermenta is committed to continued association with the institutions and communities and intends to build upon its good work in future.