VITADEE® AD2 Oily Blend- Customized for Oil Fortification

At FBL, we believe in being not just a supplier of premixes, but your strategic partner. Being the only manufacturer of Vitamin D in India, FBL is a leading player globally, with five decades of experience. This rich legacy makes us a dependable and reliable partner for your premix requirements. Our premixes enhance the nutritional content of your product with high quality ingredients.

Our experts have developed a Vitamin AD2 premix, designed for oil fortification, that is not only stable but also does not affect the sensory properties of oil such as taste, odour, or colour.

VITADEE® AD2 Oily Blend is a AD2 premix customized for oil fortification. The Government of India encourages the fortification of edible oils across the nation. VITADEE® AD2 Oily Blend, a premium AD2 premix is in compliance with the FSSAI fortification regulations.