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Vitamin D3 and Penicillin G Acylase



With over 25 years of core expertise in Fermentation, our fermentation and process development services enable the customers in scaling up their process and product, from small scale development to industrial scale production.

Microbiological Experience

E. coli, Pichia, Bacillus sp.


- Enzymes
- Secondary metabolites
- Biomass
- Biotransformation approaches

Customized enzyme immobilization  

Enzyme immobilization is defined as confining the enzyme molecule in a restricted space within the inert carrier material but allowing free accessibility to both the substrate and the product.

The major challenge in industrial bio-transformations is the development of a highly active, stable & robust enzyme catalyst with high recyclability. Every cycle of enzyme performance matters in the cost productivity and hence enzyme immobilization may need customization.

FBL has the unique experience and expertise on various immobilization strategies from lab scale to commercial scale. With over 25 years of experience in enzyme immobilization, FBL’s immobilization platform offers unique advantages.

Immobilization spectrum:

- Whole cell biocatalyst
- Cross Linked Gel Enzymes
- Covalent immobilization on epoxy supports
- Absorption immobilization on non-epoxy supports

Custom development of new polymer or novel immobilization systems can be developed for a particular enzyme. All polymer systems are scalable and can be supplied in multi-ton quantities.

Key Attributes

- Trusted, reliable provider
- Over 25 years of experience
- Dedicated project management

For quote and other queries, please feel free to contact us.

  • Expertise

    FBL's expertise range from microbiology to genetic engineering, fermentation to enzyme purification, enzyme immobilization to enzymatic synthesis, polymer beads development to scale up synthesis.

  • Key Attributes

    Patented technologies
    Consistent quality and performance.
    Customer support
    Long term partnership.

  • Mission

    Our Mission is to provide the highest quality innovative enzyme products to fine chemicals and healthcare companies worldwide and to expand and enable the bio-transformation of green manufacturing practices with eco-friendly and eco-efficient processes and technologies.

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