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Vitamin D3 and Penicillin G Acylase

BUSINESS DIVISION - Pharmaceuticals - API's like Phenyramidol HCl (Fenyramidol) and Silicon Powder (Activated Dimethicone Powder)


Phenyramidol FenyramidolFor over 25 years, Fermenta Biotech Ltd. (FBL) has been dedicated towards manufacturing specialty APIs and Bio-Catalysts. The company also holds the distinction of being the sole manufacturer of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) in India. FBL’s core strength lies in harnessing cutting edge technology driven APIs with world class quality. Today the company is a trusted and reliable source of specialty pharmaceutical products for over 40 markets worldwide.

The company runs its manufacturing process through two modern facilities located at Kullu in Himachal Pradesh and Dahej in Gujarat.

Phenyramidol HCl :
Phenyramidol Hydrochloride is an unique Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). A potent muscle relaxant with concomitant analgesic effect, Phenyramidol HCl was extensively marketed by popular brands across the various territories around the world.

FBL has been a pioneer in reviving Phenyramidol HCl as an API and has successfully marketed the product in Turkey and India. FBL’s efforts on Phenyramidol HCl have helped the formulation of Phenyramidol grow exponentially in Turkey. Two brands of Phenyramidol launched in India have been well accepted by major prescribing segments.

Silicon Powder :
Manufacturing of Silicon Powder (Activated Dimethicone Powder) was a conscious effort by FBL to offer a pharmaceutical ingredient that could replace simethicone oil in anti-flatulent oral formulations. Traditionally oral anti-flatulent formulations used simethicone oil in their manufacturing process which had some disadvantages. Replacement by silicon powder has helped enhance properties of powdered anti-flatulent oral formulations. Endorsed by one of the most popular pharma brands in Turkey, the product is presently being used in their anti-flatulent and digestive enzyme formulations.

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