Micronutrient deficiency: The cause behind ‘Hidden Hunger’

Inadequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals impacts 2 billion people worldwide1, adversely affecting socio-economic potential by causing long-term effects on health, learning ability and productivity.

Nutrition lies at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals, with every $1 invested in nutrition results in $16 worth of returns2. Improved nutrition may enhance maternal and child health, support stronger immune systems and reduce the risk of diseases across age groups. The global hidden hunger crisis can only be overcome through implementation of interventions addressing micronutrient deficiencies.

Food fortification: Sustainable, scalable and safe

Food fortification enables delivery of nutrients in a large scale without modifying the dietary habits of the local population. It is a safe, cost-effective and efficacious means of improving the nutritional status of communities across the globe.

Fortification of staple foods such as oil provides manufacturers a competitive edge through enhancing the value of their products. Addition of micronutrient premixes is a scientifically proven and sustainable strategy to improve public health.

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Micronutrient deficiency

Customized Premixes

Fermenta’s dedicated premix manufacturing facility in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh possesses FSSAI license and is based on the ‘Dry Plant’ principles of stringent control over wet & dry-cleaning practices as well as separation of wet-wash & drying areas. Our formulation development lab in Thane, Maharashtra is equipped with all necessary infrastructure to develop premixes customized to your requirements.

Our Strengths

  • Manufacturing consistency: Homogenous blending and robust stability for optimized nutritional integrity
  • Quality commitment: Adhering to stringent manufacturing standards and quality assurance protocols
  • Customized: Tailor made premixing and packaging as per customer requirements
  • Expertise: In-house technical experts for troubleshooting queries
  • Sustainable sourcing: Secure & traceable value chain for ingredients
  • Functionally optimized: Managing complex formulation requirements
  • Logistics support: Agile supply chain backed by transportation partners committed to on-time delivery

We offer customized premixes for human nutrition including staple food fortification (milk, rice, oil, wheat flour and maize flour), bakery and confectionery, beverages and health food drinks, dietary supplements as well as Ready to Use Therapeutic Food/ Ready to Use Supplementary Food.
Connect with us for vitamins and minerals premixes, natural/nature-identical colours, flavours and extracts, as well as functional ingredients.

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Customized Premixes

Vitamin AD2 for oil fortification

At FBL, we believe in being not just a supplier of premixes, but your strategic partner. Being the only manufacturer of Vitamin D in India, FBL is a leading player globally, with five decades of experience. This rich legacy makes us a dependable and reliable partner for your premix requirements. Our premixes enhance the nutritional content of your product with high quality ingredients.

Our experts have developed a Vitamin AD2 premix, designed for oil fortification, that is not only stable but also does not affect the sensory properties of oil such as taste, odour, or colour.

VITADEE® AD2 Oily Blend is a AD2 premix customized for oil fortification. The Government of India encourages the fortification of edible oils across the nation. VITADEE® AD2 Oily Blend, a premium AD2 premix is in compliance with the FSSAI fortification regulations.

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Customized Premixes

Fortified Rice Kernel Premix

Fermenta’s Fortified Rice Kernel Premix or FRK Premix contains Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12.

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Customized Premixes

Fortified Rice Kernel

India is one of the leading producers of rice with a large population consuming rice as a part of their staple diets. Coupled with the low incremental cost for rice fortification, this makes it a scalable and cost-effective strategy since there is a significant retention of micronutrients even after processing the rice. Fermenta has commissioned a facility to manufacture Fortified Rice Kernel (FRK) in Pennepalli, Tirupati district, Andhra Pradesh. Fortified rice manufacturers mix FRK with traditional milled rice, enhancing its nutritional content.

Our Strengths

  • Backward Integrated: Reliable source of quality raw materials since FRK premix is manufactured by Fermenta in-house
  • Flexibility: The shape, size and color of fortified kernels can be customized for any variety of rice.
  • Compliance: Our facility possesses FSSAI License for manufacturing Fortified Rice Kernels under 99.5 Category and ISO 22000
  • Acceptability: The sensory qualities (appearance, odour and taste) of FRK have no significant difference from those of nonfortified rice. Therefore, dietary habits of the target population are not affected.
  • Customizable: The blend of micronutrients in our FRK can be suitably modified to meet the specific needs of vulnerable populations.
  • Scientifically backed robust technology: Our FRK is manufactured using extrusion, the technology of choice for ensuring stability of micronutrients across wide variety of processing, storage, washing and cooking. Hence, food preparation procedures need not be changed.

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Fortified Rice Kernel