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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Fermenta Biotech Ltd, we practice corporate social responsibility as part of the process of our business progress, competitive edge and benefits to the society as well. Our social responsibilities aim to ensure a long-term viability of our business, coupled with assuming supportive role in the development of the community and to preserve the environment through good business practices.

FBL at all its locations engages in initiating community welfare programmes, mainly consisting of:

  • Donations to charitable organizations engaged in medical facilities, education and other social activities.
  • Provide support to village schools and its students in areas related to infrastructure, books, notebooks, school uniforms and sports activities.
  • Village welfare activities.
  • Computers Training programmes for local students.
  • Impart Women training and Welfare programmes like “Safety at Home”.
  • Conduct Ongoing Social awareness and personality development programmes at an orphanage for needy children.

As quoted by a corporate leader, “Give back a part to the people what you have earned from them” - FBL endorses this sentiment and this core belief is reflected in our business practices