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Life at Fermenta Biotech Ltd

Human Resources FBL

Fermenta has defined values that provide a sense of direction to our behaviour as employees and respected citizens of the society. Our values are the foundation of our culture and the basis of our operational mode. Living with them every day is our shared philosophy. We want every employee to be able to deliver their best for Fermenta and its valued customers and ultimately to its stakeholders. We encourage transparent objectives along with justification to each individual’s contribution to company’s performance, so that we are all focused on common goals.

We realize that it is our employees, who are the prime drivers of organizational excellence and we inculcate an environment where our colleagues are respected and valued. We have performance based culture and the career progression is determined by the results delivered.
We provide challenging, rewarding and continuous learning environment whereby employees have sense of pride and accountability.
And this is how we do it:

Talent Management: At FBL, we try and maintain always growing aspirations of our employees. There is a definite goal determined performance evaluation process in place which is KPA (Key Performance Areas) based. At the time of joining and thereafter half yearly there is a quantified review process wherein performance gets evaluated, thus maintaining clarity and transparency in the specified role. This process will also facilitate to review the deliverables and expectations at operational level.

Learning & Development: The learning and development initiatives at Fermenta are committed to deliver benefits to the employees as well as employer by ensuring need based, timely and high quality training solutions that contribute to continuous development and growth of employee potential. Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) through Thomas Assessment forms an integral base for our Training Needs Identification Process. All programs are backed up by training feedback mechanism and follow up sessions by the trainers. Programs like Human Process Lab, Leadership Empowerment and Risk taking have been initiated at various levels. Management Development Programs from educational institutes like IIM – Ahmedabad have also been incorporated in our training calendar.

Employee Engagement: It is fun – filled while you are in Fermenta!
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