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CALB Lipase

Biocatalysis involves the use of enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions under ambient conditions and this transformational biotechnology is changing the way chemicals are prepared. With more and more attractive properties of enzymes with high substrate specificity, high enantio selectivity and high activity in mild reaction conditions, the biocatalysis is set to reach new heights.

Lipases (EC, triacylglycerol hydrolases) are ubiquitous enzymes with important physiological functions and considerable industrial potential. Candida antarctica lipase B (CALB) is a member of the lipase family, and as the name suggests it originates from the yeast Candida antarctica. CALB is an ideal and robust lipase catalyzing a surprising diversity of reactions including many different regio- and enantio-selective syntheses, with applications ranging from synthesis of flavors and fragrance esters, surfactants, biodiesel, bioplastics,acylated flavonoids and modified glycerides as well as kinetic resolution of chiral compounds in pharmaceutical applications, to name the few.

Products offered:

CALB is a versatile enzyme catalyst and keeping in mind the diversity of applications, we offer range of CALB variations as below.

A] BIOCATALYST CALB 10 L – Liquid enzyme concentrate
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B] BIOCATALYST CALBTA – Covalently Immobilized CALB lipase on poly glycidyl methacrylate beads. Available in two % dry weight formats.

C] BIOCATALYST CALBEX 10000 – Covalently Immobilized CALB lipase on poly glycidyl methacrylate beads with EXTRA CROSS LINKING. Available in two % dry weight formats.
1] BIOCATALYST CALBEx 10000 ( NLT 80 %)

FBL has tied up with European partner, Corvay, Gmbh to facilitate easier access and technical support on CALB for European customers.

Please contact : Nandini Sharma
Corvay GmbH , Sophienstr. 6, D-30159 Hannover
Office Tel +49 511 44 98 95 45 | Fax +49 511 44 98 95 99 |

For quote and other queries, please feel free to contact us.

  • Expertise

    FBL's expertise range from microbiology to genetic engineering, fermentation to enzyme purification, enzyme immobilization to enzymatic synthesis, polymer beads development to scale up synthesis.

  • Key Attributes

    Patented technologies
    Consistent quality and performance.
    Customer support
    Long term partnership.

  • Mission

    Our Mission is to provide the highest quality innovative enzyme products to fine chemicals and healthcare companies worldwide and to expand and enable the bio-transformation of green manufacturing practices with eco-friendly and eco-efficient processes and technologies.

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